Whether you are evaluating a single property or an entire real estate portfolio, PW has the resources you need to make informed and accurate decisions, ensuring the highest possible profit for your company.

In the complex and ever changing world of industrial real estate, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continual investment in the human capital and the technology needed to gather accurate, comprehensive and current market data.

Finding Space in a Tight Real Estate Market

Too often, new or prospective clients tell us that they just can’t find space that works for their business, or they couldn’t come to terms on a real estate transaction.   In a market where demand is high and available facilities are tough to find, it’s good to have an advocate on your side to put their resources and knowledge to use for you.  Paine/Wetzel has several options and resources for our clients to consider.  Some of these include:

·         Off Market Opportunities.  We maintain a proprietary database of spaces that may not be actively marketed, but may have space available.  We can quickly and confidentially contact the market on behalf of a client to identify off market opportunities.

·         Marketing and Business Development.  Paine/Wetzel’s team consistently implements marketing campaigns to identify new space options for their clients.  We will generate alternatives and quantify the opportunity, so clients and focus on their business instead of hunting for space. 

·         Personalized, Creative Strategies  Real estate transactions are created.  Seldom does the right space, at the right time with the right terms and conditions appear at a client’s door step without significant effort, maneuvering and negotiation. We offer creative solutions to overcome obstacles for clients.


Regardless of market conditions, talk to Paine/Wetzel and together we will formulate a customized solution to meet your real estate objectives.