PW Commercial Real Estate is seeking an Associate to join our esteemed commercial real estate team in Chicago. This position will provide a hands-on, guided approach to learning and understanding the real estate industry. From business development to closing transactions, Associate will work with our executive-level professionals to gain insight into the most effective practices to generate revenue and establish a portfolio of loyal clients.

How does PW distinguish itself from the competition? We have been a source of real estate professionalism, a wealth of market knowledge, and a driving force in successful transaction completions throughout Chicagoland for over 45 years. At PW, relationships are the key factor in our business, in both the support from within our firm as well as the relationships we maintain with our clients.  We seek to emphasize the role of the individual, rather than the corporate structure, to allow you to build your business with the integrity and entrepreneurial spirit that comes with the PW name.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Becoming a market expert under the guidance of executive-level leadership
  • Learning and executing the transaction process, from generating a lead to managing the process to closing deals.
  • Lead generation through canvasing, cold calls, following up on leads, and networking to establish a professional presence in the market.
  • Gaining and interpreting widespread market and economic knowledge to aid in the decision-making process for clients
  • Participating in in-house training and collaboration meetings to develop and grow your skill sets and maintain synergy within the company

Strong consideration will be given to candidates who possess:

  • A./B.S. degree in Business, Real Estate, Finance, or related field.
  • Appropriate State Licensing for Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana or ability to obtain such licensing
  • Strategic, outbound sales experience with proven results.
  • Executive level sales experience
  • An entrepreneurial, self-starter’s attitude to seek out and create business opportunities.
  • Interpersonal communication skills related to professionally networking and maintaining contacts.
  • 1+ years of relevant sales experience (both in person canvassing and via phone)
  • Ability to work independently while also positively contributing to a team.
  • A strong, ethical business persona

 If interested, we would like to talk to you about a career in Commercial Real Estate.

We look forward to meeting with candidates who have a strong work ethic, organizational prowess, and superb attention to immediate detail with the ambition to create long-term professional goals. Join the PW team to begin your vibrant career in the Chicagoland commercial real estate industry.